Quality Packaging

Corrugated containers are extremely versatile in use, and as a result they are one of the most commonly used packaging products worldwide. At Spring Cove Container, we have created superior packaging for products including:

We offer a full range of corrugated solutions. In addition to running large orders, we also specialize in producing small runs of custom containers in a cost-effective manner. At Spring Cover Container, we have a quality system you can count on along with a dedicated team that is experienced in process improvement all which helps our customers achieve their goals and streamline their efficiency. Regardless of what industry you are in, we are here to help you find the most effective packaging solution for all of your products.

Our Products

Shown are examples of our design and product capabilities. If a different container is required to meet your needs, we will be happy to help you design the perfect package for your products. Click here for more information about our custom design solutions.

Regular Slotted Carton (RSC)

The industry standard, and our most popular design for many applications. From storage to shipping, this box does it all. The top and bottom outer flaps meet in the center when closed. Hand holes can be added for convenience.
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Half Slotted Carton (HSC)

A strong, durable, and versatile type of corrugated box used for a variety of purposes such as storing, transporting, and product display. The outer flaps meet in the center when closed. Separate lids and hand holes can be added for convenience.
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Full Overlap Slotted Carton (FOL)

This style is especially resistant to rough handling and works well for narrow carton dimensions. The top and bottom outer flaps overlap the entire width of the carton. Hand holes can be added to certain sizes for convenience.
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Diecut Cartons

Die-cut cartons are designed to hold a specific product, display the product inside, or offer certain packaging benefits that cannot be obtained using an RSC standard carton. Custom die-cut packaging is perfect for products with unique dimensions or parts.
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Pads are sheets of single- or double-layer corrugated board that protect and divide the contents of a box. Pads can be folded to wrap items, create air cells, or fit snugly into corners. Placed against the inside walls of a box, pads also offer additional stacking strength.
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Inner Packaging

Many styles of inner packing can be folded, wrapped around a product, or made to fit into a box. It can be custom designed to protect your product from damage during shipment.
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A grid of corrugated board that offers protection and cushioning within a box, a divider keeps items separate within a container and is often used to ship glassware and other fragile items. Airspace can be added around the perimeter and divider pads can be placed between partitions to create multiple layers within the same carton.
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Telescoping boxes consist of a top and bottom that fit over each other, and can be produced in a number of unjoined or preglued styles, depths and configurations. This design provides additional stacking strength on the sides and corners.
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Lids and Trays

Assorted styles are available countless uses, with assembly options consisting of manufactured glued or stitched joints, manually glued or stapled by the customer or self-locking. (Tooling may be required)
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Tote Boxes

Convenient for picking and storing products, the tapered sides allow totes to be nested when empty. These can be ordered in kraft (brown), or white corrugated and custom printing can be added at an additional cost.
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A simple and secure way for shipping thin items like books, binders, documents, and framed photographs. Four sides are wrapped around your product and sealed with tape. (Tooling may be required)
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Sleeves & Tubes

Sleeves - Can be ordered in many sizes and are commonly used to wrap items for protection during storage or shipment.

Tubes - Ideal for shipping or storing maps, golf clubs, umbrellas, ball bats, fishing rods and other round or rectangular items.
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Superior Packaging

At Spring Cove Container, we offer a complete range of corrugated solutions. In addition to running large orders, we also specialize in supplying small runs of custom containers in a cost-effective manner.

Joint Construction

The joints of our cartons can be glued, taped, stitched or self-locking.

Carton Sizing Information

It is standard procedure to identify cartons using measurements taken from the inside of the box. When submitting your measurements to Spring Cove Container, it helps to state them in the order of length, width, and depth. To find these, look at the top of a carton; The length is always the greater of the two sides, the width is the smaller side, and the depth is how deep the carton is from top to bottom.

Minimum Order Guidelines

Our minimum order quantity is 100 pieces of each size container ordered.

Custom Print Options

We can custom print your corrugated packaging to match your brand. Click here to learn more.